Theme exhibition showing processes of perception, experiences and a world of feelings about WAR  Featuring a range of media including installation, sculpture and photography,  the exhibition will offer a representative insight into a highly regarded and innovative conceptual practice. The title of the exhibition, taken from a speech from Franklin Roosevelt, I HATE WAR  brings together for the first time a collection of works created in the years following 9/11. The common thread in this exhibition is the color red which, in our Western culture, as a symbol for fire and blood has become associated with war but it also represents passion and love. Ludmila Pawlowska leading artist in the exhibit uses various techniques: painting, sculpture, installation and photography together with many quotations and texts which are linked to known war events. All this is a huge source of inspiration for her and is displayed at the exhibition. “I HATE WAR” exhibition uses every aspect of the space available by placing the works of art either on the floor, wall, ceiling – wherever suits the piece and the space. The viewer will go on a journey of discovery with an individual meeting of minds between the art, artist and institution. Ludmila Pawlowska describes her thoughts about the exhibition:
This is an exhibition about war …… However, it is not what wars have been about – that belongs to its historical causes, processes, and the final outcome.  It shows how I, as a contemporary artist and human being; have been influenced by all these conflicts. It shows the processes of perception, sensations and moods or feelings that inspire me.  What I have tried to reconstruct is not so much a sequence of events as an emotional world. We follow different individuals for whom war robs them of something: their youth, illusions, hope and humanity – life. The color red, a theme which runs through the entire show, I use as the color of life but also as a symbol of WAR (fire and blood). Perhaps it is true that one can never participate in another’s pain, but at most just witness it. I try to understand this and show it, in my own way, through my art.